Golden Valley, Minnesota, located in Hennepin County, is a suburban city known for its high quality of life, community-oriented atmosphere, and proximity to Minneapolis. Established as a village in 1886 and later incorporated as a city in 1952, Golden Valley offers a blend of residential neighborhoods, parks, and business areas. The city is part of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area, providing residents with easy access to urban amenities while maintaining a peaceful suburban environment.

Golden Valley is home to a diverse range of businesses and is known for its strong public school system. The city also features several parks and recreational areas, including Brookview Golf Course and Theodore Wirth Regional Park, offering a variety of outdoor activities.


Geographically, Golden Valley is situated just west of Minneapolis, featuring a landscape of rolling hills, green spaces, and suburban development. The city's proximity to Minneapolis and other suburbs in the Twin Cities metro area makes it a strategically located community. Golden Valley experiences a humid continental climate, typical of Minnesota, with warm summers, cold winters, and a full range of seasons, suitable for various outdoor and community activities throughout the year.


The population of Golden Valley is diverse, encompassing a mix of families, young professionals, and retirees. The community values education, civic engagement, and a high quality of life. The demographic makeup of Golden Valley includes various ethnic and racial backgrounds, reflecting the diversity of the broader metropolitan area.

Education in Golden Valley is primarily served by the Robbinsdale Area School District, known for its strong academic programs. The community in Golden Valley is active and engaged, participating in local events, supporting local businesses, and contributing to a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. This sense of community engagement, combined with the city's amenities and strategic location near Minneapolis, makes Golden Valley a desirable and dynamic place to live in Minnesota.

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